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Virtual Assistant Service Offering Audit and Workbook

Are you looking to get started as a virtual assistant and not sure what service offerings would be a good fit? Then check out this workbook to help you narrow down what would be your best fit!

Lead Launchpad™ Blueprint

Tired of creating amazing offers only to be attracting freebie seekers? Learn how to start building a list of buyers rather than freebie seekers today with the Lead Launchpad™ Blueprint.

The Online Entrepreneur's Digital Toolkit

Overwhelmed when it comes to all the tools available to you? Then check out this guide to discover the tools you need to get started and grow in your online business.

Your Guide to WordPress Success

Finally feel confident with your website and start WordPress the right way by learning how to choose the right theme, the settings you need to pay attention to, and my top five must have plugins.

Break Into Tech Club™

Become a sought-after Tech VA FAST & start earning more money. Get LIVE COACHING, ON-DEMAND TRAININGS, Tools, Templates & Support For Only $9/MONTH.

2024 Social Media Calendar Bundle

This social media calendar bundle is just what you need to take control of your social media efforts. You will find a calendar with daily content ideas PLUS viral video hooks and high-converting CTA examples!

Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit

Create your own Lead Launchpad™ to build a list of buyers not freebie seekers today! This toolkit includes a Lead Launchpad planning workbook, a break down of what makes an irresistible offer, a launch timeline with checklist and conversion calculator, and a handful of bonuses to save you time!

From Inspired to Action Taker Challenge

Stopped get boggled down by everything you need to get done when launching and growing a business. Learn how to start taking action TODAY in your life and business.

DIY Strategic Website Guide + Workbook

Get ready to improve the results from your website with strategic design! Learn how to make strategic updates to set you and your business up for success. Because remember, you need more than just a pretty website!​

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